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Welcome to Pain Solutions Lymm. We offer a wide variety of complementary, holistic, alternative & sports therapies, whether for the treatment of specific conditions such as back pain, or purely for relaxation, enjoyment, and the support of your general wellbeing. In addition to deep tissue massage in Leigh, we offer a range of pain relief treatments, including cryotherapy, massage therapy and specialist treatment for sports injuries.

About Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage in Leigh can be both remedial and therapeutic depending on the objective of the treatment. For example, a remedial deep tissue massage may focus on improving tissue quality and function at a specific area of the body, such as the upper back and neck. An are where it is common to experience chronic pain or muscular tension due to factors such as poor posture, elevated levels of stress, or poor respiratory patterns. A remedial deep tissue massage is usually quite slow, some more benefit of deep tissue massage can be found here.

A deep tissue massage can also be therapeutic, such as a full body deep tissue massage with no particular objective other than to promote overall good health and well-being. A therapeutic deep tissue massage is usually a little faster, utilising more oils, creams and traditional massage techniques.

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Is Deep Tissue Massage Painful?

The short answer is no, but it really depends on your definition of ‘pain’. Most people like a deep tissue massage in Leigh to be deep. Therefore, some muscles, scar tissue and trigger points will be quite tender. However, it’s important that they are located and treated.

What you should experience at these tender points can only be described as a ‘good pain’, by utilising just enough pressure to encourage your muscles to relax, not tense up and guard from unnecessary deep pressure. No massage treatment including sports massage or deep tissue massage should ever inflict pain. To avoid this, good communication between patient and practitioner is essential.

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Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is beneficial for treating all kinds of chronic pain and muscular tension, such as pain and tension commonly experienced in the upper back and neck. As previously mentioned, these symptoms can be a result of global dysfunction such as poor posture, elevated levels of stress, or poor respiratory patterns. However, deep tissue massage can help locally at the site of pain by reducing fibrous adhesion’s, scar tissue and trigger points.

Ultimately, the massage helps by improving local fluid dynamics and therefore the delivery of oxygen and nutrients, whilst simultaneously removing metabolic waste at a cellular level. In addition to mechanical and physiological benefits, deep tissue massage also offers many psychological benefits by encouraging relaxed breathing and overall relaxation.

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