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Pain Solution Lymm’s Sports Injury Clinic in Manchester is one of the area’s leading musculoskeletal injury treatment centres. We built our reputation on our work with elite athletes across a range of sports, and we offer the same top-level treatments and attention to people of all backgrounds, ages and lifestyles. From Olympians to those who participate in sports recreationally, we can help you.

We offer a holistic approach that goes beyond simply treating an injury: at our sports injury clinic in Manchester our team will look at the causes of all musculoskeletal pains to help you not just beat the injury, but also to get better in the long-term. Our ability to co-ordinate a range of professional expertise means you get the most appropriate treatment for your injury, get timely results and probably improve at what you do.

Who Uses Our Sports Injury Clinic?

At Pain Solutions Lymm, we understand that it’s not just elite sports people whose lives are affected by injury. That’s why we apply the same expertise and patient-centred approach to all of our clients. The team at Pain Solutions Lymm understand that injuries and musculoskeletal pain can affect lives.

In sporting arenas, injuries can hamper performance and ruin not just seasons but entire careers. In the business world, they can reduce productivity and increase absenteeism. However some of our treatments can have many other benefits, take a look here at the benefits of cryotherapy.

At home, pain and injuries can hugely impact on quality of life. We believe nobody should live with injury, whether they are an elite athlete aiming for a Team GB place, or a recreational athlete struggling with day-to-day tasks they enjoy such as gardening or walking the dog as well as being unable to practice the sport they love.

We currently treat muscle, joint and back injuries for a wide range of clients, and we have close links with a number of top-level sports teams in the region and well as major employers, such as councils and major businesses. We have helped thousands of people from all walks of life to get better and stay better.

Treating Joanne Phelan British karate champion with the Cryo in the sports injury clinic in warrington

Treating Joanne Phelan British karate champion/ama international champion with the Cryo

Paul economides trying out cryotherapy in the sports injury clinic

Paul Economides having his last Cryotherapy session before his fight for his world wbc international boxing title

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