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At Complemed Therapy Altrincham Ltd, we offer a range of pain relief services for our clients for a variety of ailments, including sporting injuries and medical conditions such as arthritis.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage can be both remedial and therapeutic depending on the objective of the treatment. For example, a remedial deep tissue massage may focus on improving tissue quality and function at a specific area of the body, such as the upper back and neck. An are where it is common to experience chronic pain or muscular tension due to factors such as poor posture, elevated levels of stress, or poor respiratory patterns. A remedial deep tissue massage is usually quite slow, utilizing less oils and creams.


Whole body cryotherapy is a three-minute treatment using extreme cold, via liquid nitrogen mist, on the body’s surface which in turn enhances positive effects on health and wellness, sports recovery, pain management and even beauty.

Cryotherapy in Altrincham

Sports Injury Clinic in Altrincham

Deep Tissue Massage in Altrincham

Massage Therapy in Altrincham

Massage Therapy

Been looking into the benefits of massage therapy? If you use your body on a daily basis, as we all do, stress and strain is impossible to avoid. The effect of a daily run on the legs and knees may be easy to spot

But what about the hours spent each day sat in front of a computer, or carrying a baby, or using machinery, or the cumulative effects of bad posture or the incidental injury that comes from lifting something heavier than we’re used to. The truth is, we are all subject to the same sprains, strains, overuse and fatigue as athletes through our daily activities, especially when they are repetitive. Massage therapy seeks to use a range of techniques to aid recovery from both chronic and acute injuries for both athletes and non-athletes alike.

Sports Injury Clinic

We offer a holistic approach that goes beyond simply treating an injury: at our sports injury clinic in Altrincham our team will look at the causes of all musculoskeletal pains to help you not just beat the injury, but also to get better in the long-term. Our ability to co-ordinate a range of professional expertise means you get the most appropriate treatment for your injury, get timely results and probably improve at what you do.

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